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Joe Woodard, Wedding Album (On this Day), 2022

HI—157= $10/CD (postage paid)



Household Ink’s first actual book release

Josef Woodard, Ladies Who Lunch, 2021

a novel, of the satirical romance kind. 


HI—LWL= $15.95




Joe Woodard, Goleta Electric, 2022


flapping, Flapping, seeyoutonite (2020)


HI-156= $12/CD (postage paid)  








HI—151= $12/CD (postage paid)




flapping, Flapping, FLAPPING,  TEX, 1995  TEX album cover (low res)

HI—114= $12/CD (postage paid)



Album Art flapping, Flapping, Montgomery Street, 1996

HI-117= $12/CD (postage paid)





Nate Birkey, Rome, 2017

HI-150= $12/CD (postage paid)



 Nicole Johänntgen,    Moncaup, 2015









HI-148= $12.00/CD (postage paid)







(Album recorded in 1983 by “blue-eyed soul” band Jumpspace, available on original vinyl release: CD coming soon…)

Jumpspace (1983)


HI-98-2= $25.00/LP (ppd, within the US; contact us for International orders,  

joe woodard, between, 2002

HI-130= $12/CD (ppd)  


Shelly RudolphWater in My Hand, 2005

HI-136= $12/CD (ppd)  


Dudley, doin’ jack, 1998

HI—123= $12/CD (ppd)




DudleyAre Our Oars Out?, 1996    

HI—115= $12/CD (ppd)



  Public Nudism cover (CD).jpg (91336 bytes)DudleyPublic  Nudism, 1994

$12 CD ppd)  



   DudleyPublic  Nudism, 1994 – audio cassette

$10 (collectible cassette format, ppd)  


Nate BirkeyJust a Closer Walk2014


HI-147= $15/CD (ppd)

Julie ChristensenWeeds Like Us, 2012

HI-145= $12/CD (ppd)  


Natalie D-NapoleonLeaving Me Dry, 2012

HI-146= $15/CD (ppd)

  Headless Household, Basemento (double disc), 2010


HI-144= $15/CD (ppd)  


Nate Birkeychristmas , 2008


HI-143= $15/CD (ppd)  


     David PiltchMinister of the Interior, 2008

HI-140= $12/CD (ppd)  



Nate Birkeyalmost home, 2008


HI-142= $15/CD (ppd)  


    Zen Horse RepairGhost Brain, 2008

HI-141= $15 (ppd)  


Julie Christensen,

Where the Fireworks Are, 2007

HI-139= $12/CD (ppd)  


 Julie Christensen, Something Familiar, 2006

HI-138= $12/CD (ppd)  


Headless Household, Blur  Joan, 2005

HI-137= $12/CD (ppd)  


Different Jungles cover        Jeff Elliott, Different Jungles, 2003 

HI-132= $15/CD (ppd)

Nate Birkey Quintet,

  shortest day, 2004

HI-134= $15/CD (ppd)  


Nate Birkey Quintet,

The Mennonite, 2001

HI-128= $15/CD (ppd)  


Nate Birkey QuintetBallads, 2001   

HI-129= $15/CD (ppd)  


Nate Birkey QuintetIndelibly You, 1998

HI-122= $12/CD (ppd)

Headless Household, Vertical Medleys, 2004

HI-135= $8/CD (ppd)(specially-priced, challenging-to-listen-to “hyper-remix” project)  


 headless householdpost-Polka2003

HI-133= $12/CD (ppd)  


Headless Householdmockhausen, 2000

HI-125= $12/CD (ppd)  


Headless Household,

Free Associations, 1999

HI-124= $12/CD (ppd)  


Headless Household, Items, 1996

HI-119= $12/CD (ppd)



Headless Household, Inside/Outside USA, 1993

HI—113= $12/CD; $7 cassette (ppd)



Headless Household, the 1987 debut, on CD

HI-111-2= $12/CD (ppd)  


Headless Household, 1987

HI—111= $12 (ppd, LP)  


Chistmas with Headless Household, 1987

HI—112= $7 (cassette only)


Malarchitecture cover      Lean-To, Malarchitecture, 1998 HI-121= 12.00/CD (ppd) 

Turnip Family Secrets                         

cast album, 2002

HI-131= $12/CD (ppd)


Brad RabuchinWhen Smart Dogs Go Bad, 1997

HI-120= $12/CD (ppd)


Brad DutzHeat the Grill Cook Loin, 1999

HI—126= $12/CD (ppd) 


Cara TowerLiving on Bread and Circus, 2000

(Rawdog Records/Household Ink, HI—127= $15/CD (ppd) 

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Richard DunlapOde to the Sistrum, 1999

HI—105= $15/CD (ppd) 

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Fringe DeitiesThe Matrix Has Inverted, 1996
HI—116= $12/CD (ppd)

Jennifer TerranCruel, 1996

HI-118= $16/CD (ppd)

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OUTPOSTPRODUCTS: CDs for sale from friends and neighbors… 

Wasted Tape, Lando Calrissian

Wasted TapeLando Calrissian, 1994

(Degobah Records) = $12 (postage paid)


Neal Crosbie, Zen Horse Repair2002

$15 (ppd)

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Julie ChristensenSoul Driver2000

$14 (ppd)

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   Creme de la FemmeLive 2003 

$13 (ppd)

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Lance ParkerVolunteers & Castaways2003 

$12 (ppd)

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  Petracovichblue cotton skin (Red Buttons), 2002 

$12 (ppd)

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Jennifer Terran, Rabbit, 1998 Grizelda/HI-18968= $15 (ppd)
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Wasted TapegoSolar2000

(FILMguerrero) = $12 (postage paid)

(temporarily unavailable)

Buckley V. Valeo, 2000 

(Flight of Fancy) = $12 (postage paid)

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(FILMguerrero) = $12 (postage paid)

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Jennifer Robinnonedey, 2000

(Risky Robin Records) = $12 (postage paid)

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Rob TaylorLumpy Bumpy, 1995 (Caravan Records) = $12 (postage paid)
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Jerome SmithThe Rev, 1998 $15 (postage paid) Add to Cart

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