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Jeff Elliott, Different Jungles


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    Accomplished trumpeter-composer Jeff Elliott has a resume which includes work with Les McCann, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira, gigs with James Brown, and countless others, and has released his long-awaited debut as a leader, the aptly-named Different Jungles. Not surprisingly for such a versatile and creatively vibrant musician, his album is an eclectic adventure in music. Jazz, funk grooves, soulful melodies, experimental touches, and dazzling brass writing lie in wait in these jungles...not to mention tasteful virtuosity. Collaborators include drummers Mike Clark (Headhunters) and Cougar Estrada (Los Lobos), bassist Randy Tico, saxist Vince Denham (Kenny Loggins), and keyboardist Karen Hammack. 

Jeff's liner note:

Music to me has always presented itself through pictures in my mind.
A vision has a song attached to it. With all I do and see in life my brain transmits the sound of a scene. I write this all out using my senses of intuition, feel, and of course, a pen. When I finished the composing of this CD it was time to do the playing. That's when my pen became mightier than my (horn) sword. After jumping in the woodshed for awhile I finally laid it down. I believe with these fourteen songs I was able to capture years of lingering visions in my head. With great performances by all the players, I sat down with some of my musical friends and listened. To my astonishment, I realized again, that the songs were scenes of remembered streets and alleys in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, London, Berlin...and other cities large and small. All these places with their own dramas; traffic, smog, crime, theatre, museums, eateries, movies, parks, beaches, sports, malls, languages...my own little "urban jazz." On the other side was a vision of that opposite world, that other jungle. During a trip to Brazil in 1986 with Flora Purim and Airto, a friend took me out into the jungle near Rio where I saw giant butterflies, huge ferns, rocky waterfalls and sounds of jungle life. Once again, these visions were stored in my brain. Years later I joined Les McCann and started more tours around the world. With new places...musicians...adventures...scenes kept floating in. Eddie Harris joined in for a tour in 1994. He would talk to me in hotel rooms and on long walks about the importance of pioneering new and different music. All these memories have evolved into my version of the "Different Jungles" around the world.

- Jeff Elliott


  Jeff Elliott: Trumpets   Randy Tico: Bass   Rueben (Cougar) Estrada: Drums   Cassio Duarte: Percussion


 Big Bad Bubba

  Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Keyboards   Randy Tico: Bass   Kevin Winard: Drums   Cassio Duartez: Percussion   Vince Denham: Saxophones  Jeff Pevar: Guitar


A Hard Win

  Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Baritones   Randy Tico: Bass   Vince Denham: Saxophones   Kevin Winard: Drums


The Resurrection of Joey Crown

  Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Baritone, Keyboard   Vince Denham: Saxophones   Randy Tico: Bass   Kevin Winard: Drums   Eje Lynn-Jacobs: Lead Vocals   Eje Lynn-Jacobs, Sandy Cummings, Annette DiNardo: Background Vocals   Jeff Elliott, Randy Tico: Talking Vocals


 Denham Blues

  Jeff Elliott: Trumpets   Vince Denham: Saxophone   Randy Tico: Bass   Mike Clark: Drums   Karen Hammock: Keyboard, Piano


 Harbor Nights

  Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Baritones, Melodica, Synthesizer   Vince Denham: Saxophones   Karen Hammock: Keyboard, Piano   Randy Tico: Bass   Mike Clark: Drums Airto Moreira: Percussion


Weather Monk

  Jeff Elliott: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Synthesizer   Vince Denham: Saxophone   Randy Tico: Bass   Karen Hammock: Keyboard   Mike Clark: Drums


Elephant's Graveyard  

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Keyboards, Melodica  Vince Denham: Soprano and Tenor Saxophones  Kevin Winard: Drums, Percussion  Randy Tico: Bass  Jeff Pevar: Guitar


  Twins Tribute

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Baritones  Vince Denham: Saxophones  Kevin Winard: Drums  


Millennium Jazz Dance

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Synthesizer  Vince Denham: Saxophones  Karen Hammock: Keyboard  Mike Clark: Drums  Airto Moreira: Percussion  Randy Tico: Bass  Jeff Pevar: Guitar  Michael Maxwell: Screech Trumpet


Five Cavemen ... Five Trumpets

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpets


Jungle River

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Baritones, Synthesizer  Karen Hammock: Keyboard, Piano  Vince Denham: Saxophones  Randy Tico: Bass  Mike Clark: Drums  Cassio Duarte: Percussion


  Freedom Train

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpets, Flugelhorn, Baritones, Keyboard, Melodica  Vince Denham: Saxophones  Randy Tico: Bass  Kevin Winard: Drums, Percussion  Jeff Pevar: Guitar


  Pelican's Blues

 Jeff Elliott: Trumpet, Piano, Melodica 


 All songs written, arranged and produced

by Jeff Elliott copyright 2003


last updated: january 14, 2014