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joe woodard: between

HI-130, 2002= $12/CD (ppd) products page 

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guitarist-songwriter-sort-of-singer joe woodard, who has traversed multiple byways of a blurry musical personality, comes home... or at least one home, as a self-described "faux folkie." in-between working with groups Headless Household, flapping, Flapping, Dudley, Ballroom, and other projects, woodard has been working on between, for eight years. guests: glen phillips, bruce winter, ellen turner, allegra heidelinde, tom lackner, chris symer, dick dunlap, sally barr, bill flores, nate birkey, gabe lackner, robinson eikenberry... 

"In the best tracks, Woodard, guitarist in Santa Barbara's Headless Household, combines thoughtful, unexpected guitar playing, intellectually twisted yet painfully honest lyrics and heartfelt singing." Jennifer Kelly, splendid e-zine

“…songs of quiet loneliness, yes, but always with a twist in the tale.”

                                                 ~Ted Mills, Santa Barbara Independent


1. its merry path   2. lots of time   3. between  mp3  4. anthony robbins mp3   5. grown men cry  6. the strangest thing  

7. drinking in earnest mp3   8. (cartilage: inverted light)   9. the having known mp3  10. news flash ( toronto blues society)  

11. the seven-year itch mp3  12. (cartilage: birthday, slight return)   13. otherwise   14. the beauty of caving in  

15. sweet pain   16. the birthday   17. the unbearable art of traveling light

(all songs by joe woodard, copyright 2002)

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last modified: march 10, 2020