what it is:             

household ink is a little record label with a few big ideas. It started out in 1987 as the in-house label for the new music combo Headless Household. Now, Household Ink is also a growing, thriving micro-conduit for assorted groups, including

Dudley, Nate Birkey, flapping, Flapping, Joe Woodard, Shelly Rudolph,  

Julie Christensen,  David Piltch, Zen Horse Repair, Natalie D-Napoleon,  Richard Dunlap, Lean-To, Brad Rabuchin, Jeff Elliott, Cara Tower, Brad Dutz, Fringe Deities, and Jennifer Terran.

Ideas are flung about. Genres stretch–new music, folk, rock, jazz, and an operative otherness. Forward motion is valued, as well as thinking in a sideways fashion. Somewhere, amidst confusion and polyism, come little moments of clarity and potential humor.

e-mail: info@householdink.com


Household Ink,   P.O. Box 2093,     Santa Barbara, CA 93120



last modified: April 13, 2021