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turnip family secrets

a "play with songs," by Michael Smith; music by Joe Woodard

first production, April 12-21, 2002, Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA

directed by Deanne Anders; starring Fred Lehto (Cal), Paula Re (Bess), Geren Piltz (David) and Geoffrey Bell (Fairy)

Turnip Family band: Joe Woodard, guitar; Dick Dunlap, keyboards; Tom Lackner, drums and percussion; Jim Connolly, bass; Nate Birkey, trumpet

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cast album, now available:    HI-131= $12/CD (ppd)

1. "Beautiful Venice" (prelude) mp3  2. "Vegetable Heaven" (Bess)  3. "Don't Treat Me Like an Idiot" (Cal)  4. "Turnip of the Year" (Bess, Cal, David) mp3  5. "Night Night Love" (Bess, Cal) mp3  6. "We Are the Rich But We Feel Poor" (Cal) mp3  7. "We're On Another Level" (Bess, Cal) mp3  8. "Married Love" (David) mp3  9. "The Giant's Eye" (Cal, Bess) mp3  10. "We Love Giants" (Cal) mp3  11. "Giant's Song" (Giant) mp3  12. "No House" (David) mp3  13. "I'll Pull Off the Giant's Nose" (David, Fairy) mp3  14. "Looking Ahead to Winter" (David) mp3  15. Married Love (instrumental) mp3  16. "It Wasn't a Bit Like This" (David, Bess, Cal) mp3  17. "You Can't Get Away" (Giant, David, Bess, Cal) mp3   18. "We Are the Family Portraits" (Bess, Cal) mp3  19. "Beautiful Venice" (Fairy) mp3  20. "Don't Sing" (Bess)  21. post-Beautiful (instrumental) mp3  22. Beautiful Venice (instrumental reprise under bows)

press: feature in the SB Independent 

"who's hot," in the SB News-Press

review in the Independent, 4-18-02


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