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Headless Household

       Vertical Medleys, Vol. 1          


n the wake of their 20th anniversary, the shamelessly eclectic and expandable group Headless Household produced both their twisted take on the polka tradition, post-Polka, and, in a gesture of nostalgia-compacting, the special “hyper remix” project, Vertical Medleys, Vol. 1. All six of its feature-length albums to date have been condensed and vertical-ized, with a new bonus track of layered—vertical--improvisations, “lost urchin.”

The end result is perhaps not for the faint of ear, but somehow enjoyable, possibly even meditative. Comparisons to Charles Ives’ pile-ups and John Oswald’s “plunderphonics” are valid, but Vertical Medleys, Vol. 1, is also unique in its function as a tidy summation and under-one-roof cataloguing of the Headless Household adventure so far. The underlying subject is the art of culling. In some way, this is the definitive album for a group whose multi-directionality is apparently chronic.

The band’s albums, vacuum-packed by remixer Tom Lackner, are: Headless Household (1987), Inside/Outside USA (1993), ITEMS (1995), Free Associations (1999), mockhausen (2000), and post-Polka (2004). The core musicians (abetted by countless allies) are: Richard Dunlap, keys; Tom Lackner, drums/percussion; Chris Symer, bass; Joe Woodard, guitars. The full list of players compressed onto Vertical Medleys, Vol. 1 (2005) is as follows: dickDunlaptomLacknerchrisSymerjoeWoodardnateBirkeytomBucknersallyBarrgillesApapkathyDaltonjohnRapsonglenPhillipsjulieChristensenellenTurnerjenniferTerranarleneDunlapallegraHeidelindemarjorieExtractshellyRudolphjeffKaiserdavidBinneytheoSaundersjeffElliottjohnSchnackenbergbillFlorestomBalljimConnollydavidPiltchkennyEdwardswayneSabbakemmettSargentbruceWinter

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