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Lyrics for flapping, Flapping, seeyoutonite


Into Talk Radio

Closet World

Something for Nothing


Winding Way

The Aim of Love

Danger in Numbers

Wonder in the Backyard

The Dawning of...

The Greener End

Another One

Boy Meets Girl

Tuesday Afternoon

(songs by Joe Woodard)


Into Talk Radio                


I’ve got a call into talk radio

I wanna be someone, somewhere out in the air

I wanna speak from the highest mountain

All from the comforts of my room, I’ve heard that

Two can really be as one


I’ve got this burning, deep sensation

If you could hear me now, you’d hear me out somehow

I’ve got a thing or two to say

I just want 15 minutes stretched into a life


Two can really be as one

But think about the numbers of

Strangers in the wings who could

Tune in anytime to the radio


I know the hotline into cool

And when the hour is near, the detonation’s here

Trading off love for information

If words could kill, this place could be so peaceful


Two can really be as one

But think about the numbers of

Strangers in the wings who could

Tune in anytime to the radio

Closet World

 I will meet you in some closet world

We’ll split the difference and the cost

I’ll partake of some potentially enchanting ritual

I’ll be anything and everything

I’ll wear a brave or tender face

As the clock is striking, closet worlds are closing up again


You needed a friend

I came to your bitter ending

Party, make a toast

I’ll see you in a closet world (last x: I’ll free you in a closet world)


Jacarandas bloom on easy street

Here, trash bags dangle from the trees

We always cease to be amazed, these things should make us ill-at-ease

Taking refuge is a sweet revenge

If only for a day or two

I won’t call you by your name, if you won’t tell me what to do


Once you recognize a thrill, you’ll see

And know the meaning of the words

What will be will be will be

Something for Nothing

 Something for nothing, I'm dreaming of a place

Where someone massages your temple

And hums in your ear, a song you'd thought you'd forgotten

Some things will never be right, a perfect world

Only exists in illusion, You can color my days

But the black/white shades take the night train


Something for nothing, something for nothing


You weren't supposed to see the things you caught a glimpse of

You weren't supposed to remember

The sorrier states when the whole thing started to crumble

Something for nothing, something for nothing

A walk in the park, a flight from skeleton daymares 


Something for nothing, I'm dreaming of a time

When nothing will fail in fruition

And a soft, smiling face prevails

Oasis, no stasis

Some things will always be right, no matter what

When you ignore all the landmarks

You can save me again

With a gentle nod of ascension


I’ve got that woman in my head, like a stinger

A real dead ringer, for the real damn thing

She’s fingering my emotions, like a yo-yo

Gone rococo, just solid gone

 Makes promises like threats, then turns to tender

I must surrender, I must be mad


I’ve got a Jesus in my head, like a true believer

Should I leave her? Should I go to Him?

Jesus on the sideline, calling favors

I’ll call him up and ask him what she wants

I’ll call him up and ask him what she wants


You know everything that’s rising is converging

Like lovers merging, before a storm

She eats me up on Monday, calm by Tuesday

My good blues day, in fighting form


I’ve got that woman in my head, like a stinger

A real dead ringer, for the real damn thing


Winding Way

 They lived on Winding Way

Down by the park

Time flies in humble homes

Bought on a lark


They’re living in a dream that somebody else

Had oh so long ago

They’re drifting down a stream, like somebody else

Did oh so long ago


They got what they deserve

Some peace in the breeze

Of years spent in maintenance

Of family trees


They loved on Winding Way

Down for the count

Time flew, before they knew

The planet’s rebounding

Tuesday Afternoon

 Tuesday afternoon, I can't believe

You're coming soon, I'm here to tell you

Caught between a week of rocky starts

And bitter endings, all is well for now

The clouds have parted to reveal

The strangest colored sky, just like your eyes

Tuesday afternoon is getting better

After all, I'm here to tell you


Moody attitudinal conditions

In a poker-faced position

I'm trying to erase all traces of your face

And get back to submission

I'm thinking of a number between

One thing or another, here's a clue

On Tuesday afternoon, I'm getting better

After all, I'm here to tell you


I could not see clearly long ago

Now was never-ending like a go-between

In ghostly chapters in unpublished novels

Danger in Numbers

 There's a danger in numbers when you can't go to sleep

Without dreaming of villains and counting the black sheep

When the muchness surrounds you like

Strange faces caught in the storm

 There's a thin white line keeping you from overloading

When the system shuts down on itself from corroding

From out of the blue comes an info parade

Set to do you in


One tiny, one tiny sliver of light

Penetrates the dark looming blanket of night

One little, one little flicker is all that it takes


There's a danger is feeling such safety around you

If you fade in too fast, life could melt all around you

As the numbers start mounting, the feeling turns bitter again


There's a danger in numbers when you can't go to sleep

Without dreaming of villains and counting the black sheep

And the lessons you've learned tangle

Up in a ball of bad wisdom

 Wonder in the Backyard


Asparagus gone wild

A wonder in the backyard

No understated underachiever, this

Asparagus gone wild, asparagus gone wild


Just when you thought, you knew the rules

And everyone and everything did, too

There’s a rubber situation

God or voodoo in the cracks of everything is everything

Just when you thought, you got the game

And life behaves on ordinary plans

There’s a monster in the making

Jolly giant in the life of plants outside our happy home


Water and soil, seeds and deliverance

A vegetable’s a minor miracle

But there’s a salivating envy

In the garden where the super spear yearns heavenward


Just when you thought, wonder had ended

You come upon surreal bodacity

Chalk it up to aberration

Talk it up as just a grandiose ambition of the soul

The Dawning of…

 I keep holding on because there’s nothing else to do

In the dawning of the dawning of…

We’re just keeping up a good front, sadder than a clown

With a happy scowl, and a frowning joy


I’m not aware of what I’m wearing, thinner by the day

In the absence of the presence of

I keep holding on because you could say just because

In the dawning of the dawning of…

The Greener End

 You could talk until there's nothing to say

You could peer into the window of day

Coming down, bathed in sound


No better tonic to cauterize the wound

Than slinking toward the greener end


You could listen to the wind and that kind of thing

Get a notion, get a life, go for everything

Once removed, twice inspired


No better tonic to cauterize the wound

Than thinking of a greener end


No better detour, no sexier delight

No "good to meetcha," no shame in wrong or right

Nothing tastes better than when you eat outside

No flies in the butter, no healthy compromise


You could sing beyond the point where someone's listening

Raise an anthem to the sun, was your awakening

You came along, bathed in song


Boy Meets Girl

 Boy meets girl, then the trouble begins

It's the story of the world through the foggiest lens

Sometimes you don't know a foe from a friend

Let alone the road to enlightenment

When boy meets girl, then boy meets girl


You get zipped lips on a trip down to the company store

Where greasy little pieces of news are slippin' 'round on the floor

You don't have to join in the chorus of geeks

Who get from day-to-day on the stories of freaks

Like boy meets girl, when boy meets girl


Live alone, stay at home, count your blessings

When you've got a broken telephone


When boy meets girl the sparks will fly

And the Smokey the Bear of the heart will keep a watchful eye

There's trouble ahead like the trouble behind

And there's trouble in the mind of the fool who dwells on

Boy meets girl

Oh, boy meets girl



Another One

 The good and young are dying every day

Whoops, there goes another one

You barely have the time to buy the

Flowers or a card, save two or three

There's many words the language has to bear

But I can't think of another one

If I say the same thing twice, it's just because

I'm learning how to say it right


There's something over there

Just out of sight and out of reach

Greener pastures tickle toes

Of everybody else but me


Lips are meeting in the park of life

Young hearts are fluttering

It's not polite to watch with envy

Dwelling on the things you'd like to have

I loved you once, you'll love me once again

I will survive the other one

A taste for resolution in my brain

Keeps me in and out of being sane


The Aim of Love

 (dream-spawned song)

 I'm coming to the name of love

I've been thinking in my sleep, and

Marveling at the game of love, and

Wondering 'bout the aim of love

Does it while away the years

Lost echoes in the name of love?


The aim of love

That ticking feeling tickling hours

The same for love

Gone heavenward, those hearty powers

Zeroed on the aim of love


Considering your lovely face

I'd be foolish to refrain from telling all

About our case, and

Wanting all the world to know

That love resided here and

Labored in the name of love


I'm coming to the name of love

I've been drinking in my sleep, and

Dizzied by the game of love

Encircling the subjects of...

Dizzied by the clouds, of

Wanting what I'm dreaming of


The aim of love, the aim of love, the aim of love, the aim of love, the aim of love