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Zen Horse Repair

Zen Horse Repair, Ghost Brain

(HI-141, 2008, $15) purchase

Household Ink Records is proud to welcome Zen Horse Repair into the fold.

Ghost Brain is the first ZHR project on HI.

(ZHR is: Neal Crosbie and Tom Lackner, with Bruce Winter in the wings…)

check out Neal's site: http://www.nealcrosbie.com/

myspace page: www.myspace.com/zenhorserepair

review in Tricycle magazine, winter 2008

Hundreds of thousands of people have been infatuated and philosophically perplexed by Neal Crosbie’s cartoons in Tricycle, the Buddhist Review, and other publications. Now Master Tinkerer Tom Lackner has brought his reins to the parade, bringing a musical analog to Crosbie’s poetic and visual world. With their new album, Ghost Brain, Zen Horse Repair rides again for the first time, through territory somewhere between Joshua Tree, Mt. Fuji and right over there.

After working on Crosbie’s first band album, Zen Horse Repair, multi-instrumentalist Tom Lackner and Crosbie wanted to keep exploring the unique music/poem territory that volunteered itself in that album. Lackner brings his wealth of experience (Flora Purim and Airto, Eddie Harris, Charlie Musselwhite, musical theater, Headless Household, etc. etc.) to the sonic landscape germinated in Crosbie’s koan-like lyrics and hypnotic banjo and guitar riffs. Sometimes they recorded with the frogs, and sometimes with human friends such as Bruce Winter and Glen Philips. As they recorded Ghost Brain, something strange happened….a lot.

The band’s dreamy, winking songs pay equal dues to the dharma, Freewheelin’-era Bob Dylan, Tom Waits’ spoken word cool, and a brand of eccentric humor all its own… this is music to listen to while lying in the hammock on a late summer day or chopping vegetables for dinner: ruminative, kindhearted, and as chilled out as strawberry wine. –Sarah Todd, Tricycle magazine, Winter, 2008

Music that is odd and lovely…..

--Josef Woodard, musician/writer-at-large

Zen Horse Repair presents an always exuberant invitation to profundity and glee…..

--Barry Spacks, Poet Laureate emeritus, Santa Barbara

After three years, several frog songs and a steady diet of pine wind, Crosbie and Lackner have become Zen Horse Repair.


  1. Harmonica Virgins mp3
  2. Fresno mp3
  3. Canoe Song
  4. Duck Talk mp3
  5. Ghost Brain mp3
  6. Slow Learner
  7. Porch Song
  8. Little Dry Creek
  9. In the Moontime
  10. This is a Poem Called Home
  11. Girl by the Green River
  12. Trudy’s in the Bathtub
  13. Everything Be OK
  14. Sally Ann
  15. Dear Buddha
  16. Starry Sky
  17. Unintentional House of Pancakes
  18. Great Middle Way Lost Fish Coyote Man

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