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...welcome to the Headless Household picturehole

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Headless Household album covers:

 HH LP cover  Inside-Outside USA cover ITEMS cover Free Associations CD cover mockhausen cover  post-Polka cover (high res)   Basemento cover 

Headless Household (1987), Inside/Outside USA (1993), ITEMS (1996), Free Associations (1999),

mockhausen (2000), post-Polka (2003), Blur Joan (2005), Basemento (2010) , Balladismo (2015)

photo of Headless Household, by MacDuff Everton, for The Book of Santa Barbara

Headless Household, photos by Dana Welch, 2017



Headless Household, Knapp's Castle, Willowglen Motel, March 2010 (Dick Dunlap, Joe Woodard, Tom Lackner), photos: Paul Wellman



from 2003, El Bosque, Tompound, photos: Paul Wellman

HH, 10-28-03, 21.jpg (296613 bytes)              

HH, 12-6-03 (Paul Wellman shot) 3.jpg (379307 bytes)  hh, 12-6-03 (Paul Wellman, for the Independent), 1.jpg (886708 bytes)

(l. to r. and r. to l.; Dick Dunlap, Joe Woodard, Tom Lackner)

photos: Kim Reierson




Kenny Edwards

photos: Paul Wellman


photos: Paul Wellman

dsc_0066.jpg (424734 bytes)  HH, 10-28-03, 100.jpg (361879 bytes)  HH, 10-28-03, 21.jpg (296613 bytes)   HH, 10-28-03, 83.jpg (617133 bytes)  Headless Household, 2003, 49

Headless Household core group: Dick Dunlap (keyboards), Tom Lackner (drums, goatee), Joe Woodard (guitar, bald head). Not pictured: Chris Symer (bass)

cover images, photography by Richard Ross     richard ross, potter's museum of curiosities (scanned from print).jpg (1585086 bytes)

                                                                              post-Polka        mockhausen       Free Associations

photo: Kim Reierson

Headless Household, 11-98: (clockwise, from lower left) Dick Dunlap, Chris Symer, Joe Woodard, Tom Lackner



Dick Dunlap, Glen Phillips, Ellen Turner, at Beagle Studio, Santa Barbara, November, 1999

Assorted Headless Household photos...

photos by Peggy Grossman


photo: Diana Lackner

Random Photo Area

Loud Family, May, 1988


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