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Brad Dutz press


Brad Dutz / Heat the Grill Cook Loin / Household Ink (CD)

You might not expect it, but Los Angeles has a very active and vibrant new music/jazz scene -- one that overlaps, but is in many ways totally distinct from, the world of "industry" music and musicians. Brad Dutz is one of the many fine players/composers with an ear in both worlds, though Heat the Grill Cook Loin finds him exploring new music from a distinctly jazz-based perspective. Dutz is a percussionist, and on most of these tracks it shows -- all manner of percussion instruments (gongs, marimbas, tabla, kidi, bongos, rainstick, etc.) provide these tracks with a subtle but energizing complexity. Winds (flute, sax, trumpet, clarinet), acoustic bass and occasional guitar round out the ensemble. Dutz's music is a combination of written-out and improvised material, and his players easily switch from one to the other. The fixed/free switching technique helps keep the music from getting bogged down on either side, and clearly keeps the musicians involved and on top of their playing. Jazz fans looking for something non-traditional but "friendly" will probably enjoy this CD, as will anyone interested in pretty, pleasant, energetic instrumental music. 

                        -- irving bellemead, Splendid e-zine 


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last updated: march 18, 2006